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Are there any setup or installation charges for the medical alert system?

Why are you paying this?

Almost all medical alert systems are designed to be self-install. Loved ones, and often the seniors themselves, can set-up the equipment (it is just like plugging in an answering machine). So, why should there be a cost to set-up the system?

Most sites on the internet (not just places like will provide free shipping for order over $25. You should look for a medical alert system provider that offers the same level of service.

Be especially wary of companies that offer to sell you the medical alert equipment upfront. You don't want to worry about when the equipment breaks or needs a new battery. Don't be lured in by the low ongoing monthly charges. Stick with a medical alert company that provides the equipment for free and you just pay for the ongoing monthly monitoring.

That's more like it

There are plenty of medical alert systems companies that charge nothing upfront -- no shipping, installation, equipment or set-up fees. Some companies will require an upfront payment on some of the monitoring (typically 12 months in advance) in order to qualify for free shipping and all charge for expedited shipping but that should be the only time that you need to make any payment other than the monthly monitoring fee.

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Why is this important?

All medical alert system companies charge an ongoing rate for the medical alert monitoring. Typically this is charged as a monthly rate, although you can pay less per month by paying for a year or quarter in advance.

Some companies will also charge up-front fees for shipping, installation, set-up, equipment or just because customers don't know that there are lots of good choices for companies that don't charge these up-front fees.