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Can I cancel the medical alert system at any time for any reason?


There are plenty of medical alert systems companies that allow you to cancel your service at any time. Some seniors simply are not ready for medical alert systems and seek to send them back without using them. Make sure you don’t get stuck paying for something you don’t end up using.

What if something changes?

You never know when you may no longer need your medical alert service. The last thing you want to worry about is what the cancellation terms are for your medical alert system. Some companies advertise no long-term contracts yet require 3-6 month pre-payments and don’t refund you any money if you cancel. Only sign up for a medical alert company that lets you cancel the service at any time.

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Why is this important?

All medical alert systems companies allow you to cancel at some point, however many force you to sign up for a multiple year contract and either charge a large cancellation fee or don’t refund you any of your money.


Your situations may change, so being able to cancel the service if you are not using it is beneficial. It is important to find a medical alert company that allows you to cancel at any time