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Does the medical alert systems company provide its own customer service?

Better and more proactive service is on the way!

A medical alert system company that handles its own monitoring and customer service is in the best position to provide exemplary customer service. If your medical alert system becomes unplugged or the battery in your help button starts to run low, a medical alert system company responsible for its own monitoring and customer service will call you before there is a problem and will have access to all of your data at their fingertips if there is a problem.

Let's talk about average handle time...

In-house customer service teams are measured based on customer satisfaction and customer retention. So, their incentive is to provide the best service possible so that you will respond positively on surveys and not cancel your service. Outsourced customer service teams are measured based on something called Average Handle Time (the amount of time spend on each call). The incentive is to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.

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Why is this important?

We all wish that everything we bought was easy to set up, always worked smoothly and never needed be updated. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As with the monitoring center, a company that provides its own customer service is going to be more invested in the outcome of a customer issue that an outsourced customer service team.