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Does your medical alert system need to be charged?

I hope I can remember to charge it....

A medical alert system with a help button with a drained battery is obviously not going to be of any use in the event of an emergency. Some of the newer, "more advanced" medical alert systems sound great until you find out that the device needs to be chargedĀ every night. Plus, even if you remember to put the device into the charging station, what is protecting you in your bed while your medical alert device is charging in the kitchen?

I'm glad I can just leave the medical alert console plugged in.

The best way to be protected in your house is with a medical alert console that remains plugged into the wall at all times and a wearable emergency help button with an internal battery that never needs to be charged and will last for years. Plus, with this type of device, most medical alert systems will be able to notify you when the battery is running low so that you can get a new help button. You have enough things to worry about without remembering to charge another device.

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Why is this important?

Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of growing older is a diminished short-term memory. So, a needing to charge your medical alert device on a regular basis so that the battery doesn't run out presents a health and safety risk.