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Is the emergency help button waterproof?

You can wear it in the shower!

A waterproof help button is an important part of bathroom safety, along with bath bars and non-slip flooring. Even with a waterproof help button, many seniors choose to remove their help button when bathing. For additional security, look for a medical alert system that offers additional wall buttons that can be placed at floor level to summon help in the event of a fall when the help button may have been removed.


Any medical alert device that is not completely sealed (e.g., has electrical ports or speakers) is going to present a risk of electrical shock if brought into the bathroom, meaning that you have no protection if you fall in what is commonly understood to be the most dangerous room in the house.

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Why is this important?

70% of all household accidents occur in the bathroom, many of these while bathing.

Any medical alert system that does not provide security in the bathroom is leaving a dangerous gap in your safety.