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Is your medical alert monitoring center UL listed?

Good to hear!

UL has been the leader in 3rd party certifications for over 100 years in all areas of product and service safety and reliability. UL Listed monitoring centers must meet stringent guidelines and are subject to regular inspections to ensure that all the qualifications are met or exceeded.

I'd rather not take your word for it

Without a UL Listing, you are relying on the monitoring center to create its own standards and measurements of quality and reliability. Without an objective, not-for-profit 3rd party to answer to, their incentive is to provide a service that is just good enough at the lowest cost possible. Hardly the standard you would want when you or your loved one has a medical emergency.

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Why is this important?

You would never go to a doctor that wasn't board certified or take a flight with a pilot who wasn't FAA approved.

When it is a matter of life or death you don't take the provider's word that he or she is qualified, you rely on a trusted 3rd party to ensure that the proper standards have been established and met.

For monitoring centers, UL is the only trusted 3rd party that guarantees those standards.