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Do your monitoring center personnel respond only to medical alarms or do they also handle burglar alarms?

That gives me comfort.

An operator who spends all day answering medical alarms is going to react much differently than an operator constantly switching between burglar and medical alarms. You are much more likely to get the care you need with an agent trained and focused on medical alarms.

I want to be the most important call you receive all day.

Having agents who receive training in both burglar alarms and medical alarms is not good enough. A person can be licensed to drive both a taxi and a school bus but you wouldn't want to ride in either driven by someone who was constantly switching from one to the other all day; the rules are different and they handle very differently. Burglar alarm systems and medical alarm systems present a similar situation and you want to be sure you entrust your safety to a person who responds to your type of alarms all day, every day.

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Why is this important?

Many monitoring centers use the same operators to answer both burglar alarms and medical alarm systems. While you may think an alarm is an alarm, they are in fact quite different

Burglar alarms send lots of signals to the monitoring center and over 90% are false alarms. Monitoring center operators are trained based on this to clear the alarm as quickly as possible. Even when the alarm is real, the operator is very rarely talking to a subscriber.

Medical alarms are much different. There are fewer false alarms and the real alarms always involve real people, often in the midst of a serious crisis.